Some aspects of the istrian musical culture, in "Centuries of music in Slovenia"
. The 20th Slovenian Music Days (21-23 giugno 2005), Ljubljana, Slovenija, pp.326-346. 

For many centuries Istria has been deeply involved in historical events and has been an interface for different languages and ethnic groups; today it is a remarkably interesting field for ethnomusicological research, too.  This interest finds its ground as we observe the existence of an Istrian musical tradition in this large north-Adriatic peninsula, which does not only rely on elder people’s memories. The different aspects of Istrian musical tradition, popular music and songs, polyvocal groups, folk dances are opportunities to approach expressive varieties which are hardly found in other regions, and which come out of boundary-cultures which are naturally conservative and permeable  at the same time.
Due to peculiar  history and  geography, the Istrian reality is a manifold reality, and often rich in deep and meaningful differences. Therefore, the reference to popular traditions is important to safeguard and point out the identity of the different ethnic groups.
Istria can boast a very complex and multifaceted history: there, all over centuries peoples who had frequently been subdued and persecuted and who were coming from varied cultural and geographical areas – often far from each other – emigrated and therefore it stands out as an emblematic example of the way in which different peoples have been able to create an Istrian culture.

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