The cultural Association “Bogliasco per Skrjabin
-Centro Italiano Studi Skrjabinian” was founded in 1990 with the aim to creating in Liguria a centre of study and diffusion of the works and of the artistic-cultural issues which guided Aleksandr Skrjabin’s thought, in consideration of the fact that the composer lived in Bogliasco, near Genoa, between 1905 and 1906 and there he composed his major work , the “Poem of Ecstasy”. Thanks to the URSS Consulate in Genoa, the Association is the contact point with the Union of Music Professionals in Moscow in the field of cultural exchanges and actively participates in the initiatives promoted by the Skrjabin Museum in Moscow. Skrjabin’s presence in Bogliasco at the beginning of 20th century cannot definitely be undervalued. At that time Liguria was a favourite staying for several artists, intellectuals, political activists in exile: the ideas worked out in Liguria by  the Russian people living there influenced decisively the political and cultural destiny of the coming Soviet Union. The existence of the Consolato Generale della Federazione Russa still today witnesses this historical heritage. In this view, the Association also aims at studying the artistic, cultural, historical and social topics which used to link Russia to Liguria.  

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Opuscolo 1991
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