In “Fughetta a 6 su un solo accordo”, for strings (1986), the (0,2,4,6,9,10) chord develops vertically, so as to create horizontal canon lines. The transposition grades, upon which the “Fughetta” chord revolves, form a series of 10 figures: 3-2-3-4-3-6-3-8-3-10: the deriving canon is six-voiced, where entries are placed along the axis of a descending diminished seventh (es, c, a, fis). The piece is divided in two parts: in the second part the transposition grades are inverted, so as to develop another canon along the axis of a rising diminished seventh (g,b,cis,e).

Fughetta a 6 su un solo accordo, for strings (1986). Lenght: 4'.
Recording effected in Gaeta, Chiesa SS.Annunziata, Camerata Accademica Italiana, Conductor: Roberto Tigani (5/8/90). Editing: Studio Allimite, Bologna. Agenda Edizioni, Bologna (1999).
Musical Kaleidocycles


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