Frostburg State University, Maryland (USA)
Spring semester of the 2002-2003 academic year

Diploma del Governatore del Maryland
The State of Maryland

Governor of the State of Maryland, to
Luigi Verdi, Greetings:

Be to Know: That on behalf of the citiziens of this State,
in recognition of a special tribute to honour your significant and lasting contributions as a visiting lecturer of music and opera at Frostburg State University, in appreciation of the beauty and spirit of goodwill you have shared with the students of Frostburg State University through your music and composition; and as our citiziens join with your many admirers in offering our highest regard and sincere best wishes, we are pleased to confer upon you this
Governorís Citation

Given Under My Hand and the Great Seat of the State of Maryland,
This 11th day of May
Two Tausand and three
Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr.
R. Karl Aumann
Secretary of State



Diploma del Senato del Maryland
Senate of Maryland


Be it hereby know to all that
The Senate of Maryland
Offers its sincerest congratulations to
Luigi Verdi
In recognition of promoting understanding, harmony and peace through music as visiting lecturer at Frostburg State University, Frostburg, Maryland, during the 2002-2003 academic year. Thank you! The entire membership extends best wishes on This memorable occasion and directs this resolution

Be presented on this 11th day of May 2003
Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.
President of the Senate
Senator John J. Hafer




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