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Luigi VerdiLuigi Verdi was born in Rome. He studied at the "G.B.Martini" Conservatoire in Bologna and "G.Rossini" Conservatoire in Pesaro. He graduated in Composition having studied with Bianca Maria Furgeri, Paolo Renosto and Ivan Vandor, and he studied Band Instrumentation with Pierluigi Giacomini. He studied Choir and Choir Conducting with Tito Gotti and Orchestra Conducting with Gabriele Bellini and Michele Marvulli. He also studied Jazz with Ettore Ballotta and Electronic Music with Felice Fugazza. He specialized in Orchestra Conducting with Donato Renzetti and in Choir Conducting with Roberto Gabbiani. He attended Specialization courses and Masterclasses in Composition with Franco Donatoni, Giacomo Manzoni, Olivier Messiaen, Umberto Rotondi. He also graduated in Philosophy at the Bologna University.
Verdi is Professor of Composition at the "Santa Cecilia" in Rome. During the spring semester 2003, he was guest professor at the Frostburg State University in Maryland.
He has written musical compositions from chamber to orchestral  genres that have been performed at festivals and in concerts. His treatise of musical theory "Organizzazione delle altezze nello spazio temperato" (1998) deals with the study of the various combinatorial possibilities of sounds according to systematic rules. In "Caleidocicli musicali. Simmetrie infrante dei suoni" (2010) he developed the concept of a musical kaleidocycle as result of a vertical musical structure changing into a horizontal structure. He used kaleidocycles for composing works based on chords that connect with others according to prearranged transposition levels.
His many writings include articles and monographic essays such as "Aleksandr Skrjabin tra musica e filosofia", "Kandinskij e Skrjabin: realtą e utopia nella Russia pre-rivoluzionaria", "Franz Liszt e la sua musica nel cinema" that particularly deal with the relations between music and visual arts and with the connection between sounds and color.
Verdi has written many musical reviews. He has been an active promoter of cultural events and festivals. He was the musical advisor for organizations as the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna, the Centro Italiano di Studi Skrjabiniani, the Centro Studi Farinelli, and the "Alfeo Gigli" International Festival of Composition. He is an honorary member of the Scriabin Society of America.

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